Our pride

 Our pride

   In consideration of human and the environment, we never treat bamboo with chemical bleach.
   Due to our high process skills and techniques we are able to supply you a resistant material
   to vermin and mold without chemical treatment.
   The bamboo boards are bonded together using our special safe and non-toxic adhesive.
  All of our Bamboo products are made from 100% eco-friendly, renewable, plantation sourced Bamboo grown locally   in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

Our Skill – productive capacity

Stages :  Felling → Steaming → Natural Drying → Processing
  A common method of natural drying requires quite a long time, it takes about a year. We know how to shorten it by   using crosswise pilling and artificial drying methods. We are now successful in mass production.
Crosswise pilling
Artificial drying

– Our Features –

  We own big autoclave for bamboo exclusive use and it brings us a success of mass production.

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